Flap Barrier


Flap Barrier Manufacturers in Pune

Flap barrier

Flap Barrier Manufacturers in Pune gate is a special design for safety and high traffic access control. It ensures a rich appearance, durability, and easy operation. The high-quality material and advanced technology are used to manufacture this product.

Features of Flap Barrier:

  • AISI 304 stainless steel housing ensures long-lasting durability. Energy efficient, energy conservation, and environmental protection. Flap barrier provides a wide opening and makes it a comfortable passage for pedestrians of any size as compared to the turnstile. Users on wheelchairs can also pass. Users can carry luggage or big parcels. Flap wings will pause if any pedestrian/user is detected by IR sensors instead of getting reversed and will resume closing when the passage is clear. This will effectively discourage tailgating. Flap wings will close only when the passage is clear thus avoiding crashing onto the users/pedestrians. Flaps will automatically close if there is no pedestrian/user is passing through after the delay time elapsed. The alarm will sound and help guard for immediate response. It will sound if there is an unauthorized user attempting to enter from the opposite direction or when the user is staying inside the passage for too long a time. 6 (six) IR sensors for the safety of pedestrians/users.
  • Application & Types:

  • Commercial / Residential Flap Barriers Turnstile Cantilever Sliding Gate Telescopic Sliding Gate Automatic Sliding Gate Automatic Swing Gate Swing & Sliding Gates Motors Garage Doors Column of Control and Management Truck Wheel Stopper / Vehicle Restraint