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Welcome to Dentrance automation Flap Barrier manufacturers in pune /Maharashtra /india

D entrance Automation and security Pvt Ltd is leading manufacturer of Flap Barriers is an final resolution for making certain the protection of the premises. we tend to at d entrance Automation and security Pvt Ltd could be a leading flap barrier makers in Asian nation provide high-quality barriers that ar factory-made with the employment of the newest technology. we tend to confirm to produce reliable moreover as sleek product for the employment. we tend to manufacture a various vary of pedestrian gates thus on meet the difficult necessities of our customers. Our style primarily focuses on the aesthetics and build use of advanced technology to supply secure access.

Flap Barrier could be a easy access barrier developed for the economical management of pedestrian movement in line with the stern Indian conditions. The barrier is mounted with show, passage counter, card reader, token operation, command console, warning device, which may all be interfaced with laptop through RS232, RS485, TCP-IP (optional) line. The Flap Barrier provides a fail-safe safety resolution just in case of emergency or breakdown, providing egress with the flaps retracting into main panel. Flap Barriers is one in every of the serial merchandise of intelligent passage management system from our company. It possesses superiority incommensurable with the standard management mode. whether or not on the management of right of traveler for passing, or on tolling, attendant or enumeration of the traveler, there'll be a good deal of man power and material, heaps of paying, an outsized quantity of labor and a really low potency resulted with the standard management mode. However, it's the robust benefit purpose of the intelligent passage management product to resolve the issues of this sort. it's the scientific crystallization of the extremely development of social civilization and it opens a replacement era for the scientific management.


• With perform of self-examine and alarm, it's convenient for maintenance and use.
• having the ability to program running standing by the tiny keyboard within the main board
• Soundor lightweight alarm perform
• Poles are mechanically fastened till a gap signal is received.
• Polessynchronization
• mechanically reset function: it'll mechanically lock if the pedestrian hasn’t have the channel within the pre-set time when the gap. The passing time is adjustable.
• Channels mechanically open once power off, and mechanically shut once power on.
• many card reading devices ar attachable .
• One direction or bi-direction management is elective.
• It is directly controlled and managed by device.